Human Resource Management

Every departing salaried employee can cost up to 150% of their annual salary.

An effective and happy team means less turnaround and less money wasted on filling repeat vacancies and more time and money focused on your vision and mission. Employees, volunteers board members and others can add value to your organization when appropriately engaged.

Human Resource services include:

Employee Management

Hiring, onboarding, professional development and training, performance assessment, and employee handbooks can help to build a high performance and professional team.

Board Development

From recruitment to strategic engagement, we’ll help you leverage the time, talent, and resources of your existing members and help you attract new champions for your vision and mission.

Intern Management

Ensure an experience that is as rewarding as your mission is awesome. Skills-based learning experiences are a robust component of successful internship practices and we'll ensure that interns derive as much from the experience as they are giving.

Volunteer Management

Volunteers can bring a wealth of experience if you can tap into it. Let us help you build your team! We'll facilitate goals setting and match volunteers to tasks and events.