Strategic Planning

The audacity of vision! “Who are we?”

If you find yourself asking that question, it’s time for strategic planning that can energize staff, board and constituents in exciting new directions. We’ll facilitate any one or all of the following dimensions of the process. A greater understanding of your organizational identity will be at the other end of whatever dimension you explore.

Strategic Planning for Small Nonprofits and Emerging Leaders (booklet) is available in the Video & Template Library.

Strategic Planning services include:


Too many confused faces staring back at you when you talk about your big idea? We’ll engage key members of your team to describe the audacity of your vision in everyday words.


The mission is the daily business of the organization and what it aims to do. We’ll help you develop language that is as energizing as it is measurable. Your grant writer will thank us!

Core Values/Beliefs

What’s core to your organization is there even if you don't have the words to express it. We’ll help you find words forged in the courage of your organization’s leadership.

Strategic Goals

We’ll work with you to collaboratively define and describe those cork-popping moments to set your organization competitively apart.

Environmental Analysis

Your work exists in market-driven context. Thrive by analyzing the forces that act upon it and drive decisions based on informed reality.

Competitive Advantage

Opportunities abound! But do you know where to look? We’ll help you unpack what can put you ahead of the noble pack now and well into the future.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances

A partner can help meet strategic objectives and advance your mission in remarkable ways. Whether a formal merger or informal partnership, collaboration can turnkey your organization toward mission success. We’ll work with you to find partners, integrate programs, and manage the transitions.

Accountability Management

Already have a plan? Many strategic plans fail because they’re not managed once they’ve been developed. We’ll benchmark and dashboard the process to leverage the beauty of those words into actions that you can see and hear.