Core Values

We value...

High impact low cost:

Every meeting with us will have at least one tangible goal or objective against which our performance will be measured. That applies to activities as small as one hour of coaching or longer term projects.

Creative solutions to everyday problems:

We rejoice in creative problem solving and want your most urgent problems to be a thing of the past. We know what it’s like to be where you are and if we are unable to find a solution we’ll draw from our resource network of nonprofit aces to help.

Rapid response:

While we know that everything is not a crisis, sometimes it feels like it for leaders of small nonprofits. Rapid response does not mean rushing through a planning process but it does mean accessibility. We might not be able to solve your problem right away, but we’ll be there for you within one business day to begin the brainstorming process that includes balancing short-term needs with longer term goals.


Now more than ever before time is at a premium. You don’t have much of it and we understand that. Let’s identify your most pressing challenges and opportunities and get to work.


Work can sometimes be stressful. We get it. All the more reason to take a deep breath, pause, and think before speaking to ensure that our words honor diverse opinions and backgrounds.

Ethics and responsibility:

High standards of conduct and accountability for our actions and duties are reflected in our work and relationships.